[Spur HRX + Rodinal] Acros 100

In the case of Fujifilm Acros 100, Uneven development occurs by using normal semi-stand development as shown in Fig. 1. So I have clarified the semi-stand development for Acros 100. The good results were obtained by using following method.

Fig. 1 Uneven development

Fig. 1 Uneven development

Recipe and Results

Fujifilm Acros 100,
Semi-stand development,
Spur HRX 1:50 and Rodinal 1:200, 22 degree C,
Agitate: once every 5 minutes,
Time: 20 minutes.

Uneven development was not occurred on film. Also, Image sharpness is increased compared from the past semi-stand development.

Camera: Leica IIF and Nikon F5,
Lens: Summicron 5cm F2 and Zeiss ZF Plannar 1.4/50.
@Onimichi, Hiroshima.